Email situations

Email situations

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Welcome to your Email situations

A) Write two e-mails, on separately, using the situation below:-

1. The maximum length for each e-mail is 100 words.You are going for a Business meeting to close a prestigious project with a US Client.......
•e-mail 1: Write to the person you are going to meet. What do you need to tell them? Perhaps you need to let them know what you want to discuss. Do you want them to arrange anything for you?

•e-mail 2: Write an e-mail to all your colleagues. Tell them about your plans and ask them if they want you to take / do / find out / bring back anything.

 B) Imagine that you are the person your partner is going to meet.
•Write a reply to your partner’s e-mail. The maximum length for the e-mail is 100 words.

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