About Personality Testing

Explore your Personality with our online test. Tailor made for adults facing problem while interacting
at social gatherings or personal life. To know your core self and strengths this test will help you
enhance your people skills and understand your personality type. Below we have put together
popular questions frequently asked when you are going for Interview or with yourself that catch
your life in day to day meetings. Your results are completely anonymous and will not be shared with
anyone unless you decide to do so.
 This personality test is to evaluate your competency levels and to identify where we can put
more efforts to train you as a professional for your key benefits
 Please take your time to answer all the questions, all questions are necessary for us to
conclude your training pattern and offer you best of our modules
 Please respond to all of the statements and answer in sequence
 Double check that you have selected and that you made a right choice, if you need to
change the answer simply select the other option/s.
 Describe yourself, as you honestly see yourself in relation to other people. Your spontaneous
answer is usually the most accurate.
 After your test you will receive call from us to discuss and meet in person to enroll yourself
for the desired training or suggested training by our competent Trainer/s.

Welcome to your PERSONALITY TEST

Q1. How Many friends do you have? Give No.
Q2. Do you like Socializing?
Q3. Do you make friends easily?
Q4.Do you have problem introducing yourself in Public or in Group?
Q5. Do you fear you are always judged while speaking?
Q6. Do you like to initiate conversation when you meet someone first time or you
wait for the person to come to you?
Q7. What style of communication you use to interact with people?
Q8. How good you are in your spoken English. choose your option to rate your self.
Q9. You often think about what you should have said in a conversation long after it
has taken place. Please tick
Q10. I enjoy being centre of attraction
Q11. How do you rate your Listening skills?
Q12. I get angry easily